Creative Writing

This week for Creative Lab, I did creative writing exercises with the kids. I had a bunch of younger sibbling that couldn’t write on their own yet, so their mom stayed to help them. The exercises where all inspired by pictures a friend took of her children. I printed them from her Facebook page. Each table had a copy of each photo.

From these images I asked them questions to spark a description and find a story that could accompany the image.

  • What time of the day?
  •   Who’s in the picture?
  • Where is picture taken?
  • What’s the action?
  • What is the mood or feelings?

Each kids had a different story, but similar in a way of description. Some went a little “dark”, some stayed on a safe path. We talked about descriptions and how you can embellish a text with adjectives. Most of the children present were between the age of 8 and 10. Some had great stories, some kept it a sentence.



 This 10-year-old boy called his book “Deadly Pictures”.
He made all the pictures work together into a creepy







   This 10-year-old girl decided to include the questions
I asked into her book.





Another part of the creative writing exercise was to pick 3 words from a jar. One was a “person”, one was an animal and the last was a verb. They had to make it work together and illustrate their story or sentence.



Ennis, age 9, illustrated his sentence & words using a cartoon style drawing.








Reflections on creative writing projects…

Next time I do this project, I’ll keep the exercises shorter and simpler and give them more time to create their own stories.  Some of the kids were disappointed from not creating their own stories. I really want to challenge them into thinking creatively with elements they may not be used to.





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