Body lines

This week’s theme is “the body”.  I was trying to find something fun to do that would broaden our usual exploration in art.

found this image on pinterest a while back.

found this image on pinterest a while back.

I remembered a project I came across (done with older children), where kids drew many outlines of themselves on a long piece of butcher paper, then they painted the different shapes. This particular project was done to teach how artists sometimes will start from figuration and move to abstraction. I always wanted to use this idea, but in a library setting, it is not always easy. I don’t always see the same sudents and I really only get 15-20 minutes with the toddlers.

I decided to try it with our toddler art group on Wednesday morning. I had a bunch of old posters that I lay on the floor of the art room. I asked toddlers to sit or stand on a piece of paper and for parents to trace them in many different positions (laying down, sitting, standing, side ways…). Once done, they took their drawings home with the instruction to color it.



body  tracing

On Friday and Saturday, I have a Toddler Art class at 10:30 and a Family Art Time at 11:30. I intend to change it up a little. I will have 1 long piece of paper and ask for the toddlers & parents to draw their outlines. Then in Family Art Time, They will paint between the lines kind of how the first image project went.  I may have the Saturday crowd work on the same paper, or I may put  new one on. Not sure yet.

Finally… Friday was a big experimental day. I lined up the paper on the floor, all in one big line. Mr. Josh was playing his guitar and each time he stopped, the toddlers laid on the paper for their parents to trace them. After a few outlines we were done! Some were having fun and dancing with the guitar sound, others didn’t like it at all. For Family Art time, we did the same. except at the end, they all painted on the paper. I was hoping that they would stay within the lines, but that’s hard to ask a toddler to do… or a preschooler.

mural painting

I’m going to cut some of the interesting parts and finish painting them as well as paint an outline. I will display them in the library for kids to see next week. I may just keep the parts that were painted  or a mix of lines and paint.

I’ll post pictures


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