Halloween Papel Picado

papel picado garland

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, we did papel picado in Art Club. It’s really easy, fun, pretty and will make any dull space vibrant like a Fiesta!

First, you’ll need to pre-cut tissue paper in rectangles about 10″ x 6″. Doesn’t have to be precisely those dimensions. I usually eyeball it, so there’s no waste from my big pieces of tissue paper.

IMAG0794 IMAG0795Fold the top of the paper the long way (that is how you will hang it on the yarn.

IMAG0796 Fold the piece of tissue paper in half and again in half, always keeping the top folded piece in view, to make sure you don’t cut it off. I usually tell the students to hold that part in their hand when they cut, to remind them not to cut it.

You can fold it again and in any direction you’d like.

IMAG0800Cut through all the layers of the folded paper.



IMAG0802Once done, open it up and see the the design you’ve created.






Glue each one on a string or piece of yarn. you can make it as long as you’d like.

I made one for our Halloween display, creating pumpkins and bats and hung it on top of our reference desk in the children’s department.

I’m adding more pictures of different ways that you can fold the paper to give you different results.



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