Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Close-Up

Only girls showed up for our Georgia O’Keeffe’s art lesson. Which in a way was pretty cool.INTERNATIONAL O'KEEFFE

We looked at different images from Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers and talked about her work in New Mexico and how she found her own style. I was hoping to get fresh flowers and try to do this project by having the kids look at the flowers closely. But, it was too complicated and I was afraid they would have a harder time to render a closeup from 3D to 2D. Now, I wish I could have done both!
There’s a great lesson plan on the National Gallery of Art if you need inspiration or do this activity differently.

Instead of having the real flowers, I printed different pictures of flowers. I cut-out small squares in the middle of a cardstock paper to create a frame that children would use to focus their attention to a detail of the flower. They each chose a flower and place their frame on top, choosing a specific spot they wanted to draw. Using washable markers, they drew that detail close-up of the flower on a piece of cardstcok, posterboard or construction paper.



They used water to create a watercolor effect to their drawing. The ink from the washable marker “bleeds” when wet. This would be a great effect on watercolor paper, which I didn’t have, but I think it’s worth experimenting.



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