Coil Pot

Ahhh… clay.  I love clay!

For Art Club this week we made coil pots from crayola’s air-dry clay. It’s not too expensive and if you don’t have a kiln to fire real clay this is a great option. It feels like real clay, works like real clay as well.

I taught the girls how to roll coils of clay and using a plastic container as a mold, we created coil pots. Not just by mounting the coils one of top of each other, but by adding circles, loops and other designs.

Here are some pictures

However, I made a big mistake when we created our pots… We build it on the outside of the plastic containers instead of on the inside.  Once the clay started shrinking in the drying process, the pots broke because of the mold constraint. Very, very sad and I’m sure the kids will be very disapointed next week.

broken2 broken1