Monoprints… again

I’m addicted to printmaking and monoprints. I always try to find a way to include some kind of printmaking in to my art class. I introduced the kids in Art Club to a type of monoprint I did at UF during my summer semester. You roll ink on a slab or non-porous table top, place a piece of paper on top (without pressing down!) and draw on it. Where ever the pressure is, the ink will transfer on to your piece of paper. For example, if you us a stamps, it will make a mark on the paper where the ink is.

After they are done drawing, they lift up their paper and see their image. We did this a few months ago and again for Valentine’s Day. These images are from a few months ago when we did it on plain white paper.

monoprint monoprint2 monoprint3 monoprint4

I used Speedball Block Printing ink (waterbase) and a brayer. Rolled ink in front of each kids, place a piece of paper (I used white construction paper) and pencils to draw.



Cityscape / Pattern

I introduced kids to patterns in architecture. We didn’t really talk about architecture itself; instead we really focused on identifying patterns on the façade of the building. I had printed different photographs of buildings from around the world (Kremlin, Taj Mahal, Sidney Opera House…)  and local as well (old Main Library, City Hall…). We took time to look at the different one, first by identifying the building and where it is. Then, kids took turn to pick a picture and point out one of the patterns.

For the project, we used a piece of construction paper (9×12), and black markers. Children folded their piece of paper accordion style, creating 4 sections. In each section they drew a building, first by creating different roofs and then by filling-in each building with different patterns.IMAG1403 IMAG1404 IMAG1405

Once their buildings were designed, We cut off the top along the roof line and place them all on a table to create a cityscape.

IMAG1407 IMAG1408 IMAG1410 IMAG1415

I found the idea on Pinterest, through an art teacher’s blog. Their version was flat and I felt it needed volume, that’s why we folded ours first.