Metal Embossing

Since this weekend was Father’s Day, we made metal embossing art as a father’s day present / card. I think it’s fun to step away from making plain cards for father’s day and instead make a piece of art that they will definitely think is cool. What I like the most about this project is that even little ones can do ait and it looks really interesting even if it’s just scribbles. I bought a roll of aluminum tooling foil  but, you can also use the bottom of old pie pans.

You will need:

  • Old newspapers
  • Pencils
  • Paint brush
  • India Ink
  • Container to hold the ink

I explained to the parents that the edges of the metal can be sharp and to manipulate with care. The Instruction I gave were simple:

  1. You will need a stack of newspaper, about 3/4 inch thick
  2. Place the metal on top and have the kids draw on the metal with their pencil.
  3. Once the child is done drawing, bring me the piece of metal for inking.
  4. The inking process may take a while. Take a sheet of construction paper and draw or make a card for your father.
  5. The finished piece of metal should be glued to the piece of construction paper.

Here’s a video showing how I ink the piece of metal.

Creating a patina / Inking

There are many ways to work with the metal. The possibilities are endless. You can turn the metal into a 3D art, use colored paint & markers…
Many cultures use this technique in their art, like in Mexico and Morocco. You can cut it and create milagros or  Hand of Fatima.