Little Owls, Little Owls

Storytime this week is about owls.  Such a fun subject for art. Owls, unlike other birds have a few distictive features that makes them easy to recognize. As long as you give the kids the right supplies to make them.

I put this picture of an owl on the board, so we could look at it and I dentify a few key elements. owl_picture






Owls have “ears
Owls have BIG eyes
Owls’ heads and bodies seem like one body part.

Toddler Art Owls

Toddler Art


For Toddler Art, I cut ovals from an old book. I handed each child one and asked them to paint it with brown and orange paint on their table. Once they had painted their oval, I gave them a yellow triangle for the beak and 2 styrofoam egg cups for the eyes. They glued these on their oval to make it look like an owl.



As for Family Art Time, we made our owls from old toilet paper rolls. I used the brown ones, which helped with the color scheme we had. Again, using brown and orange paint, participants painted their tubes. First, parents help push down the top of the roll to create ears. They also helped the younger ones with cutting wings from scrap paper (brown construction paper as well as old book pages). Children also had access to feathers. Googly eyes to finish it off.



Family Art Time / toilet paper roll owls

Family Art Time / toilet paper roll owls