Art @ the Beach… continued

Today, I added an element to the “sand art” creations. I remembered a Ukranian artists who draws and tells story in sand (and a light box & projector) and I thought that could be a lot of fun for children to draw in the sand. Kseniya Simonova won Ukraine Got Talent  in 2009 with this performance:

I laid butcher paper (one black, one blue) on 2 tables, placed some tools in the middle (paintbrushes, sticks, palette knives…) and asked the children to draw and move the sand.

tables set up with playing sand & tools on butcher paper

preschoolers, drawing, digging and making “pies” in the sand.

Sand Creation by Chloe, age 8


Art @ the Beach

This week’s theme is “Beach”.
Miss Stephanie created a fun storytime around this theme; reading 3 books, songs and a sorting activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

For art time, we used colored sand and glue and created a fun abstract art for the toddlers, and a little bit more involved for the preschoolers.

In Toddler Art, we used Elmer’s glue and glue stick, adding the glue on our paper and pourring the sand on top. Adding more glue and pourring a new color sand.

In Family Art, we used oil pastels as well. Children started by drawing a picture of the beach, then adding sand to some areas. Their creation was a little bit more involve and defined compared to the toddlers.