Tween Thing & Creative Lab

Tween Thing and Creative Lab are summer art or craft making programs.

Tween Thing is geared for children ages 10 to 14. The activities range from jewelry making, duct tape creations, upcycling, printmaking, zine making…  It’s once a week during the summer break and alternate between the children and teen department.

Creative Lab is geared for school age children (6 to 12). It allows them to be creative in many different aspect, not only in art making projects. Each time, children are provided with a theme, or problem and have to come up with a solution or creation. It may vary between science, craft, art, writing… anything that will make them think and evolve creatively.

Great sites talking about creativity, problem solving & art

Tinker Lab

Sir Ken Robinson, TED Talk: Schools Kill Creativity

How to Nuture Children’s Creativity by Linda W. Andrews

PBS: Creativity & Play

Creativity Killers by Leslie O. Wilson


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